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Sunflower Stables' training program is a unique offering for experienced young riders. We generally get our training horses through outbidding kill buyers at the local auction, or from neglectful homes. We rehabilitate them, and train or retrain them as riding horses. We then adopt them out to pay for the next horse in need. 

Students in this program learn about training from the ground up, from the merely unhandled to the abused. Training is a rich, intense experience with many rewards for those willing to put in the time, effort, and thought required.

This program is generally only open for students who we know and have already worked with for some time. We are very, very proud of these young people and all that they've already accomplished with their horses. This small gallery can't begin to capture the hours and hours of patient and careful handling these students put in!

The whole team in 2023

Learning to carry a flag is a great task for young horses like Lacy.

Ruth's first ride!

Roman riding takes a lot of practice!

Breezy's fifth ride.

Sometimes you have to get creative teaching ponies to steer.

Baby Ruth!

Jumping in straight lines is overrated.

Ada's first ride.

Iris and Willa's first ride after five months of ground work!

Oscar on his birth day!

Astrid coming home from the auction.

Astrid's first ride, three months later.

Ponying baby Oscar.

Violet learning about hoses.


The whole gang in 2016.


First trail ride for Astrid and Oscar.


Not so green any more!


Tessa loves scratches!


Benny learns to stand on the stump.


Willa enjoying the sunshine!


Victory for Violet and Poppie on the cross country course!


Tessa's first ride outside the arena!


Ada and XuMei agree: training horses is hard work.


Oscar relaxing in the yard.


Our visit to Perrydale trails with Astrid!

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