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Zhaan came to us through our extended network of friends and we are so glad to have her in our progam! She is a mid-twenties BLM mustang and close to sixteen hands. She is extremely calm - named for a character on a science fiction TV show renowned for being so - and loves to work, more than any other horse we've known. She will actively poke you if you're just standing around at the barn - don't you want to take her out to play? Zhaan is learning to love jumping, has a beautiful, floaty canter, and hope very much you will make her day and ride her!


Zhaan is always game for all of our silly games!

Zhaan at Pride Rodeo

Zhaan is so tall that seeing her riders at eye level is a challenge, even the smallest one!

We named Zhaan, and then we made the astonishing discovery that her freeze brand more or less says her name.

Zhaan the first week she arrived!

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