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Agent Fox Mulder got his name because when he arrived, he was a bit of a spooky guy - but he has decided that actually, playing and learning with all of his friends is much more interesting and fun!

Mulder is always game for adventures and will try just about anything if you give him a little time to think it over - like every mustang we know, you can't rush his thought process or decision making. This guy has the biggest heart and we adore him!

Mulder likes to jump, but can get a little over enthusiastic...

Nothing like a summer popsicle with friends.

Cuddling with his buddy Stetson

Mulder is so quiet and sweet that we use him to pony the baby horses, like Ken

It's lucky people have two hands, in case two creatures desperately need petting


Jumping a single barrel requires precision!

Three reindeer, no horses in sight...

Napping is better with friends!

Mulder learning to be a trick riding horse!

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