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Our Lesson Program

At Sunflower Stables, we believe that kids are individual learners. We encourage exploration. We believe that technique comes from a desire for skill. We want each kid and each horse to have fun during their ride!

Though we are not dogmatic to any one trainer or discipline, our philosophies and teaching styles are rooted in natural horsemanship. We think it's important for students to not only learn to ride, but understand how horses think and behave.

We have many fun barn-wide activities and special events throughout the year. We do host the occasional fun show and participate in other local shows, but performance is not our primary goal. Rather, enjoying our horses in a new environment and discovering new ideas is our goal when we venture out of the barn!


Group and private lessons are offered weekdays from 3-6 pm.

Private lessons are $180 a month, and group lessons are $140 a month.

Lessons are grouped by age and skill level. 

Lease time is available for students who are able to tack up and ride independently. Lease time is $100 a month for one day a week. 

One-time riders: we don't have the ability to do guided trail rides. One time lessons may be available for $75 per rider. 

We do not offer birthday parties, except for current students.

We have many, many more pictures of students enjoying our lesson program on the lesson horse's pages!

Our barn and program are pretty unique and special. We hope you'll come join us here and see why we love it!

We like to go on excursions when we can. Here we are downtown trick or treating, sharing our ponies with the kids of Corvallis!

Students with the barn's lesson horse of the year, Poppie.

Trail ride!

At a summer camp show.

Taking the horses to a local show!

One of our instructors, XuMei, with a student.

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