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Our Instructors

(and familiar faces)


Robyn Hauck is the owner, barn manager, and primary instructor for Sunflower Stables. She has been a student of all things horse for 28 years. Teaching horsemanship has been her profession for the last eighteen of those years! She has her B.S. in Agricultural Economics, with a minor in Equine Science. She started Sunflower Stables because she saw a need for a place for people who are interested in developing their relationships with horses and building skills without the end goal necessarily being showing. She particularly enjoys working with green horses, and teaching students to work with green horses.
When Robyn isn't teaching, you can often find her putzing around the barn or playing with her daughters, who are both horse crazy!

Meet Renee, our passionate addition to the team! Her journey into the world of horse riding began unexpectedly, thanks to her daughter and fellow instructor, XuMei. Embracing this newfound love, Renee brings her expertise in early childhood education, emphasizing experiential learning. With a knack for nurturing our youngest riders, she's here to make every lesson a joyful and enriching experience.

Malia Detar-3567.jpg

Malia has been riding at Sunflower Stables since she was 5 years old. She teaches individual and group lessons, as well as summer camps. In addition to her background in conventional styles of riding, Malia draws from equestrian and performance arts to practice activities such as horse vaulting, equestrian drill team, archery, and Roman riding. She trained with an eventing team in Pamplona, Spain and taught riding lessons at the Escuela de Equitación Zolina. Malia has also completed multiple workshops in Natural Horsemanship, trick riding, and dressage. She is co-founder of Pumpkins for Ponies horse rescue project, and she and her colleague XuMei have documented their training adventures with horses at their blog, “Wild Teens, Tame Horses.” Malia brings to her horsewomanship years of training as a dancer and pianist. She also plays ultimate frisbee, quilts, surfs, and rock climbs. An ideal day for Malia is spent reading a favorite book on the back of her horse, Violet. 

XuMei (pronounced ZooMay) is 21 years old. She has been learning about, loving, and riding horses since she was 7. She has enjoyed growing-up alongside the growing herd at Sunflower Stables. As she was learning she participated in vaulting, archery on Horseback,  Roman riding, trick riding, jumping, and multiple summer camps. Her years of experience are now being channeled to help other riders learn and improve. XuMei has been working as an instructor for 4 years running summer camps, group lessons, and private lessons at all skill levels. XuMei owns Rory, an 8 year old mustang she has trained. XuMei has also been active in the Rescue Pony Program with fellow trainer, Malia. They have trained several greenies. Their stories can be found at Wild Teens Tame Horses. In addition to her work at the barn, XuMei attends Oregon State Universe full time, rock climbs, surfs, trail rides, hikes, ice skates, and is always looking for new fun activities to learn more about.


Mark Hauck doesn't love horses, but he does love his daughter Robyn! You can often find Mark fixing fences, moving manure, and doing stuff on his tractor. Not many parents show up for their kids (and grandkids) like Mark does for Robyn.

Thanks, dad.

Lois Hauck does love horses, and even had one of her own when she was a kid. Lois is often found gardening around the barn, cleaning up after everyone, and helping with her granddaughters. If you look cold or sad, sometimes she brings you cookies without you even asking. Again, not many parents show up for their kids like Lois does.

Thanks, mom!

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