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Here are some things our clients have to say about us!

"I love the barn. It is a wonderful place full of wonderful people and horses. I have learned so much from Robyn and Liddy about how to ride, groom, and treat horses. The barn is probably my favorite place and definitely one of my happy places."


"This barn is amazing! I've been coming here for 5 years and have loved every minute of it! Robyn, Liddy and XuMei are awesome instructors that introduce horses to kids in an amazing way! Every student comes and leaves with a smile!"

-Clare Boysen

"I love this barn but I especially love Robyn. She is so nice when you make a mistake she just lets you try it again. She is my favorite instructor from N.Z. to the U.S.A. I just LOVE this barn. Thank you!


"When I first came here about 2 years ago I was leasing Hwin. I was having fun with her till I took a fall that was my first real fall. I was really scared and Hwin was a brat so Robyn said we could do lessons so Hwin will know I was the boss. Later we figured out that Hwin was not a match for us. Later Robyn invited us to lease Oz. Oz was so sweet and adorable I fell in love immediately. I kept taking lessons and fell in love with the barn. I learned so much here. Everyone has a smile of their faces and when we fall off we get back on and try harder. After a while I started riding greenies and got into the program. After about 2 years I learned to jump, vault, respect ou horses, and to fall off eleven times and get back on with a smile. Sunflower Stables is my favorite place to be. I wouldn't want to ride anywhere else."


"Taking lessons with Robyn, Bridget and Liddy is such a pleasure. I always look forward to the next lesson. I feel so at home at the barn. Cochise you are the best horse teacher I have ever met. Thank you. You all have been so nice and kind. I am looking forward to my next lesson."


"I like riding at Sunflower Stables because the community is like a family to me. Also, Robyn doesn't just focus on riding, but also on our relationships with the horses -- like grooming, horse language and training."


"Our kids spent almost the whole summer at Sunflower Stables, joining camp after camp. They couldn't get enough! As you can see, both rider and pony are happy as can be."


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