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Boo is the shortest of our lesson horses at just eleven hands. She is a sassy, smart, spunky girl who isn't afraid to tell you her opinion, but will make sure you stay aboard while she does it! Boo likes to hang out with her big friends, Rory and Breezy - one of her nicknames is the Tiniest Mustang (she is actually a Welsh pony, but don't tell her that).

Despite what she'll tell you, Boo actually really enjoys being ridden, playing games, and learning new things, so have fun laughing with this silly pony!

Boo all dressed up, completing a game at Pride Rodeo

It isn't easy to get a pony to canter alongside you, but Boo will if you can run fast enough!

Tutu saddle pad!

Boo hates kisses and... tolerates hugs

Boo isn't supposed to have grass because she has a metabolic condition. Hence she is very, very good at Pony Yoga.

Boo is a good leadline pony for the right kid

Practicing one handed jumping the best way possible, by putting something else in the other hand!

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