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Fiddlesticks is a bouncy, forward moving guy who takes care of his kids and loves to jump and do obstacles. He has an excellent sense of adventure and fun, and likes to go on camping, trail riding, and everywhere else we would care to take him. This guy is loved most by his intermediate and more skilled riders, because he has a motor and doesn't like to be pulled to a stop, but once you have your seat sorted out he is a blast and a half!

Fiddlesticks is great to do archery with, because you don't need your hands to steer

I'm sure there was a reason this was happening...

Fiddlesticks soaring to new heights!

Happy Halloween! Fiddlesticks didn't mind getting his treats from a T-Rex.

A gallop on a sunny day - what could be better?

Fiddlesticks will suck his tongue if you give him something interesting to eat, like a peppermint.

Suitably concerned about the demise of his rider during drama camp.

So fancy at the Pride Rodeo!

Taking a load off while he waits his turn...

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