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Sunflower Stables offers boarding for just a few horses - typically about ten total. Your horse is never just a face in the crowd here! 

Our riding facilities include a 120x72 indoor arena, a 150x75 all-weather footing outdoor arena, and a round pen. We do not have trails on site, but riding around the yard is permtted when the weather allows.

The barn features 12x12 matted stalls with a light in each, with an insulated roof. It is light and airy, and horses can easily see and interact with each other. Each boarder gets their own tack cubby with two saddle racks and bridle hook. 

All horses go out daily. We turn out small groups of four to five in sand paddocks in the winter, usually seven to eight hours a day. Summer turnout is on large grass pastures, about seven acres total, with horses out up to 24 hours a day!

We are friendly people and we want our barn to be a happy, relaxed, drama-free zone to enjoy your horse time. 

We are a barefoot facility. Horses with shoes are not allowed, except if they are being pulled as part of the transition process to our barn. This allows all our horses to enjoy social time with each other, so critical to a horses' well-being.

At this time, we offer only partial care. Board is $360 a month and includes grain in the morning, hay twice a day, and daily turnout. All you have to do is clean your stall - and enjoy your horse, of course!

Please give us a call if you think we're the right fit for you and your horse!

Winter sunrise

Looking down the barn aisle.
Inside a stall.
One of our four all-weather paddocks
The view looking into the arena.
Pasture galore!

Note that we have new fencing since this was taken.

The horses think the sand paddocks are pretty soft for napping!

Grass in the summer fields, just before the horses get turned out.

After all the grass is eaten, we buy round bales for the horses. Some of them think they are prime napping material!

We have beautiful sunsets!

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